• The NetZero Frontiers.

    For this XXI Century, frontiers will change from:

    climate, business, knowledges & sciences, organisations, institutions,

    geo-zones, even country and (new)space frontiers, and surely mindsets.

    Humanity Story tells us that People will still move for better daily life.



    A Pledge for Prioritizing The "Being" Before the "Having".

    Today, the Graal is finding Equilibrium by NetZero, the big piece of it. We need "from breaking to bridging" silos in a singular, creative & holistic view, to allow Humanity transcends its XXI Century issues. By reconnecting & respecting the deep Rules & Roots of Earth, the Values shared among Humanity will still higher than only sharing Good & Products or even High Technologies.


    Co-build the ICA, International Climate Agency.

    As Citizen of the NetZero World, we create bridges to elaborate the "startup, high-level & meta-dialogue", a platform gathering other Climate Coalitions & Alliances, and People from Institutions, Industries, Philanthropies, Foundations, NGOs and Inter-Governmental Bodies to co-build the ICA, the "Climate Thermometer of XXI Century". We do believe, we could better scale NetZero by better monitoring & predicting Climate Impacts for everyone. Then, we support to navigate through the waters of the global new model, and playing as guiding light in these "NetZero Roads within the 5 Continents & Times": from pledge, strategy to Healthier GDP Business & Practices.


    RESPONSABILITY I Build the highest exigences and standards at this new core model.
    SHARING & TEAMING I Common Responses by setting Global Public & Private Partnerships.
    HUMBLE HUMANITY TOWARDS EARTH I Through Time vision, From Today and Generations ahead I We do believe that "the important thing is not the destination, but the journey itself".
    NetZero COALITION is the OpenDoTank co-launched by key Worldclass Leaders, and powered by Climate Tech Venture, sharing at its foundations the same vision, mission and values for the Common needs of XXI Century.